About Us

Highgate Training System’s is a Veteran Owned small business that provides Realistic Operational Environment (OE) & Threat Emulation (TE) support; comprehensive Analysis & Doctrine Development support; and effective Wargaming Experimentation and Evaluation support. We also provide world class Distributive Learning and Synthetic Training Environments.

Highgate Training System’s guiding focus is ensuring Customer Satisfaction! We provide our military, law enforcement and corporate clients expert support throughout a total process of in-depth Analysis, comprehensive Design & Development, efficient Implementation, and effective Evaluation.




Mission success often depends upon the quality of each soldier’s training. Highgate Training Systems equips military forces with the resources they need to prepare for battle. Our solutions are adaptable to any Operational Environment-need and is a complete source of military preparation and effects.


Subject Matter Experts

Highgate Training Systems SMEs have extensive operational combat backgrounds across all of the Warfighting Functions. Our SMEs possess the senior command-level experience and combat experience to create effective training solutions for our clients.



Highgate Training Systems can provide intelligent solutions which help your organization to organize, understand and manage the big data information that is important to you and your customers. We offer predictive analysis for mitigating risk, social network analysis, modeling & simulations, as well as data visualizations capabilities.



Highgate Training Systems uses researched analytical insights to curate comprehensive evaluations, predictive analytics, and reports. We custom tailor these specific products to support, inform, or supplement analysis teams specific study projects.



We provide our military, law enforcement and corporate clients expert support throughout a total process of in-depth analysis, comprehensive design & development, efficient implementation, and effective evaluation. We offer cyber security, operational environment & threat analysis, as well as instructional media & doctrinal publications.


Battlefield Effects

The battlefield effects we possess in our inventory produce visual and auditory simulations of explosions, gunfire and smoke. These effects enhance experiential learning environments by helping teams and individuals train for the tactical cues they are to expect in a real Operational Environment.

What Makes Us Different

We pride ourselves in providing highly realistic operational environment relevant to the client needs. Our experienced cadre of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), instructors and Threat Emulators (TEs), leverage the latest training technologies, weapon systems, threat vehicles, and battlefield effects to create dynamic training experiences that increase the clients’ ability to successfully perform their tasks in the targeted operational environment.

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